Ben10 Giant Humungousaur

Description: You are 12 feet tall, and you can grow much more. Your absolute power is your size and the strength that comes with it. Yes, you are the Humungousaur alien from the planet Terradino. Roam the Earth and try to kill as much enemies as possible by using your huge size try to sit on them. Try to evolve into one of the ultimate aliens Ultimate Humungousaur, so you can feel the real power. Kick your enemies and do not allow to lose energy of your Humungousaur or you will become ordinary and harmless boy again. Fill your mission by reaching the end of your journey in the form like you started. Have a such huge fun as your character is big.
Control: Move with the Left or Right arrow key. Use Down arrow key to defend yourself. Use mouse for the attack. .
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